Theme Events

The Sound Factory strives to please people and be versatile to handle all types of functions throughout the year. We will gladly assist you in planning any memorable and fun event! Experience and creativity are combined with your input and ideas.

One of the most important party tips I have learned in 25 years of experience is that the best parties always have a theme. Just by adding a theme you're creating a new dimension to the party. Everybody gets to step out of their everyday life and get to be someone new or special. Here are a couple of suggestions for cool theme parties.

1. Seasonal Themes
2. Holiday Themes
3. Old Time Jazz Party Theme
4. Rock n Roll Party Theme
5. School House Rock Party Theme
6. Roaring 20's Theme
7. Blues Brothers Theme
8. Sports Party Theme
9. Wine Tasting Event
10. Winter Wonderland Party Theme
11. Costume Party Theme
12. Disco Party Theme
13. Salsa Dancing Party Theme
14. Hip Hop Party Theme
15. Movie Themes and many more!